Optimus is a build environment to produce static HTML from templates, with management of compressed assets and with i18n support for translations.


Version 0.7.2

Minor update that modify ‘settings’ and ‘pages’ modules import so exception is raised to ease debugging.

Version 0.7.1

Dummy release just to update documentation about forgotted changelog.

Version 0.7.0

  • Upgraded dependancy to watchdog==0.8.3 to try to fix a problem with watch mode on OSX;
  • Fixed doc;
  • Changed module imports to have distinct error name for page and settings import errors;
  • Changed message error for module loading to be more helpful;

Version 0.6.9

  • Fix a bug with bad signature for po command;
  • Moving script name from optimus to optimus-cli because this was causing issues with setup.entry_points usage and buildout;


Update Argh dependancy to >= 0.24.1.

Version 0.6.8

Re-use a fixed version for argh because the 0.24 version has incompatible backward issues.


Fix dependancies syntax in setup.py that was causing issues during installation.

Version 0.6.7

  • Remove CherryPy dependancy from setup.py, add an install note about this;
  • Update documentation;

Version 0.6.6

Upgrade to yuicompressor 2.4.8

Version 0.6.5

Updating doc, in setup.py use ‘entry_points’ instead of ‘scripts’

Version 0.6.4

  • Fixing update method in po command to update the POT file;
  • Add I18N_EXTRACT_SOURCES setting and use it in extraction method, bumping version;
  • Add new behavior for settings.LANGUAGES to permit tuples instead of simple locale name;

Version 0.6.1

  • Setting name EXTRA_BUNDLES is deprecated and will be removed in a futur release. In project settings rename it to BUNDLES;

  • Remove optimus.builder.assets.COMMON_BUNDLES, this was containing default bundles that was not really useful. If your project used them, you will have errors on page building about missing bundles, you can recover them in your settings.BUNDLES from :

        'css_screen_common': Bundle(
        'css_ie_common': Bundle(
        'js_ie_common': Bundle(
        'js_jquery': Bundle(

Version 0.6

  • Add new command po to automatically manage translations files;
  • Add better error messages for some command line options;
  • Add a required settings list that is checked when loading settings file to avoid error on missing settings;
  • Add default values to un-required settings so the settings file is more clean and short with only needed settings;
  • Now Babel, cherrypy and yui-compressor are required dependancies;
  • The previous commande line tool name optimus-cli has been chaned to a more shorter name optimus;
  • New settings have been added to manage languages and translations with the new command po;
  • Settings files have been simplified, making some settings optionnal to have a more clean and short settings files;
  • watch command options : automatically perform the first build when the build directory does not exits to avoid errors with the watcher;
  • init command options : --name has moved to a positionnal argument;
  • Project templates : Removed requirements.txt for pip since the setup.py contains all needed stuff;
  • Project templates : Renamed “sample” to “basic” and “sample_i18n” to “i18n”. Also add aliases for them, so you just have to use their names and not anymore their full Python paths;
  • Project templates : Changing to better templates with assets, SCSS sources and Compass config;

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